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Article by Samamama last updated: June 16, 2020

One might think that torrent websites would fade away when streaming sites became so popular. On the contrary, the data shows torrent website visits and download numbers still growing daily.

One reason torrents hold value is many people desire an offline version of a preferred movie, book, TV show, music, and other top downloads. In fact, most of the popular streaming sites found online provide their visitors with the best movies and TV shows found first on top torrent sites.

Torrents provide an easy way to find and download whatever files and updates you want to watch, listen to, or read from the internet. However, it’s critical to stay updated regarding outages caused by legal battles torrent site managers face daily. In this article, I review the best torrent sites still online working for you in September 2023.

What are Torrents Anyway?

Those familiar with torrents may know BitTorrent files don’t contain content aside from metadata. Torrents provide this data to help torrent technology used by apps like qBittorrent and µtorrent.

These apps search the web to find other computers sharing requested files. This can include movie, music, software, or other torrent files.

When you download a torrent site file, your software uses the file data to search for access to computers that currently share the same torrented web content.

Whenever you enter a new file name into a torrent sites search engine, it scans the internet to find addresses of computers downloading the same torrents.

BitTorrent protocol shares files on a peer-to-peer network. This sharing is referred to as seeding. A list of files available for transfer is gathered by torrent search engine software much like an electronic library.

If you use torrents regularly, you’re familiar with the seeding process. Seeds are the number of computers that currently share the same torrent file. More seeds translate to faster download speeds. Next time you’re torrenting, search for the files with the highest number of seeds for fast downloading speed.

Deciding on the Best Torrent Sites

There are multiple factors to consider when picking a best torrent site to use. Many torrent sites shut down almost immediately due to struggling with political authorities and corporate entities.

Another factor to consider is torrents plagued with malware and annoying sponsored ads. Other torrent site’s files are so low resolution that they simply waste your precious time downloading substandard torrents.

I have curated a list of best torrenting websites considering these and factors listed below.

  • Site Launch Date: If a torrent site stood the test of time, then we can rely on its ability to provide great torrents. Time on the internet without a shut down is a good measure of reliability.
  • Alternate URLs (AKA Mirrors or Proxies): Many Internet Service Providers block top torrent sites. The best torrent sites can be accessed through alternate URLs to escape being blocked.
  • Geo-Political Bans: Some countries ban torrent sites. You may be unable to access a show or film if residing or traveling in restricted countries unless using a VPN.

While ranking best torrent sites, I considered all the above and more. Torrent download speed was another feature determining best torrent sites to list. Downloading speed is contingent upon number of seeders. Popular new movies, software, and the best music torrents download with faster speed.

Search & Download Torrents Anonymously

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Top Torrenting Websites

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay ( is king. This fifteen-year-old site has the most extensive collection of content available online for download.

While being the oldest torrent site, it is also the most widely used and recognized. This all factors in when measuring its reliability and speed. The Pirate Bay has a number of other features that earn it a place at the top of this torrent list.

Another notable feature is the user-friendly search interface and website. The warning tag that you see when a torrent download is unsafe is super helpful, too. The main Pirate Bay domain has been on and offline lately, but you’ll find that challenge is quickly resolved by accessing an alternative proxy search URL like and

The United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and more countries have banned The Pirate Bay. A simple Google search will find if the site is prohibited in the region where you reside. As mentioned, there are always proxies, and a VPN guarantees you access when the servers are up.

Kickass Torrents / KAT

Kickass Torrents (, also known as KAT, launched in 2008 as It quickly became the world’s number one torrent site due to its extensive torrent list of popular movies. Its notoriety gained it too much attention so consequently was shut down in 2016 by the US government.

Categories on the Kickass search engine site include TV shows, movies, games, software apps, anime, music, books, and more. Yes, a sought-after best BitTorrent XXX adult (porn) section is included as well.

Not only have the Kickass torrent library and official links been banned in numerous countries, but the mention of KAT on social websites such as Steam and Twitter have also been blocked. You can work around this by accessing content through alternative URLs.

Find and access the best Kickass Torrents through its best mirrors at,, and


Torrentz2 ( is one of the most popular torrent sites to search for free new movies to download. Launched in 2016, Torrentz2 is an alternative to the now-defunct Torrentz website.

The minimalist new site design is well-liked as was its predecessor’s simple torrent downloads catalog. By combining results from multiple search engines, Torrentz2 provides users with one of the most massive torrent databases.

Currently, this mega search engine lets you search 78 torrent sites at once, allowing the search of 246,203,446 torrents.

Here’s something worthy of speculation: One site within the search parameters of Torrentz2 is with 84,137,052 torrents. Another site that Torrentz2 searches for available torrent files is How many torrents are available directly from Torrentz2 lists it at 84,137,052. Hmmm…

Torrentz2 is not banned in any country because it doesn’t provide even one torrent file for download. Search engine links to content such as movies, software, and audiobooks are available that take you to other search engines. This site is well known for its database list of music downloads.

Find and access this site with alternate URL mirrors Torrentzwealmisr.onion,, or if looking to bypass your ISP.


RARBG ( was founded in 2008 and is similar to Yify. A torrent release group, this site does not focus on movies. Instead, they host a proprietary torrents file tracker.

Banned in many countries, you may not be able to find this one fantastic torrent file site without using a VPN. If you search, visit, and download from any of the popular torrent sites without the encryption of a VPN, you’re at risk. Because not only the other seeders see your web activities, your ISP and government agencies monitor and record all your online actions.

Because of the constant harassment by internet service providers and bans by government agencies, RARBG torrents have many web mirrors or proxies. Try these sites while using a VPN:,,,, or


TorLock ( is the site for anime, ebook and TV show lovers!

The best feature of this site is TorLock‘s commitment to providing original and safe content. At one point, TorLock was even offering $1 for every fake torrent that users discovered on the site.

Having been around for a decade now, this site doesn’t look like they’re going away any time soon. Torlock supports instant downloads, though you should be aware that it is banned in the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

An alternate URL for Torlock is


TorrentDownloads ( is as old as the hills, or so it seems. Its library is surprisingly easy to navigate given the fact it has over 16 million torrents from which to choose.

TorrentDownloads is your go-to if searching for an old film or less popular ebook. Locate all those unique and rare classics on this torrenting gem.

TorrentDownloads is not low-profile, though. Since it’s popular and older, there’s a good chance that your ISP has already blocked it. Unblock and find it by using a high speed VPN.


Zooqle ( is the newcomer on this best torrent site list, claiming to have over 3 million verified torrents in its torrents library.

While managing to fly under the radar of authorities for years, it’s built a diverse database. Torrents include a balanced offering of the best music, software, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, and a number of popular TV shows.

Popular for new TV shows and movies, Zooqle delivers. New to the torrenting scene, this BitTorrent service supports direct downloads but has not yet been banned in any country.


Other popular torrent sites worth mentioning are Yify (AKA YTS), 1337x, and LimeTorrents.

Torrent sites warn you to use a VPN before downloading. This is because BitTorrent sites are illegal in many parts of the world. It is advisable to use a VPN even if residing in a country where torrenting is legal for a number of reasons.

For one, you may still encounter some copyright infringement issues with unlicensed movies, music, and software torrents you find in torrenting search results.

More importantly, if not using a VPN, your location and activities are fully exposed on the internet when seeding or downloading torrents. Everyone sharing a file with you on the torrent network can see and collect information such as your location.

Be anonymous online always by using a VPN when torrenting or conducting any other online activities.

Please Note: This best torrents list is intended to neither promote nor condone the illegal use of copyrighted content or the righteousness of copyright laws in general. Take care of yourself online. It’s a bold new world out there.

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