Download Kodi & Install on Firestick, Android, Windows, iOS, or Mac OS X

download kodi apk install on firestick, windows, mac, ios

Article by Samamama last updated: May 12, 2020

What is Kodi? This frequently asked question is on the mind of many cord-cutters. If interested in saving a ton of money by cutting your expensive cable bill with Kodi on Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick, Fire Cube, or any other streaming device, stick this guide in your help file. Kodi is one of the best free streaming apps available in September 2023.

Kodi Leia, the latest stable version as of September 2023, works on any internet streaming stick, PC, smartphone, tablet, or TV box with a stable online connection. One of the most popular Amazon Fire TV Stick apps, it’s even considered the “Firestick Jailbreak” app.

While compatible with most operating systems, the apps installation steps differ depending on the platform you install Kodi Leia release on.

Note you can get pre-release versions of Kodi v19 Matrix, which is the next development. Kodi Matrix is not yet ready for prime time as an entertainment center. Still, it could be fun to play around with if you’re a fan of Kodi and don’t mind a few glitches.

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How To Download & Install Kodi Leia

Welcome to the latest version of my Kodi Leia installation guide. With the privacy of a VPN (always highly recommended!), this powerhouse entertainment center application should easily meet your online entertainment needs.

This guide teaches how to download and install Kodi on Amazon FireStick 4K, Fire TV Stick, Fire Cube, Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac platforms below.

Note that the Kodi 19 “Matrix” release is not far off.

How to Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick 4K, Fire TV Stick, and Fire Cube

The list of steps below demonstrates installing Kodi APK on a Firestick. Note Firestick is just another name for Fire TV Stick, though the new Firestick 4K is the replacement for the discontinued Amazon Fire TV.

These same steps in this guide work with most Android streaming boxes similar to Firestick 4K, including Fire TV Stick and Fire Cube. Downloading Kodi APK to install on any Android device depends on numerous factors, as device capabilities may differ. The Amazon Firestick 4K and Fire TV Stick are excellent choices for streaming with Kodi Leia, however.

  1. Enter Settings on your Firestick home screen.
  2. Click on Device within the Settings menu on Firestick.
  3. Then, in the Firestick Device settings click Developer Options.
  4. Toggle Apps from Unknown Sources to “ON” within Firestick options.
  5. Next, search, download and install the Downloader app on Firestick, or launch it if installed already on Firestick.
  6. In Downloader, enter the URL leading to the downloads page at the Kodi website. You can also visit the Kodi TV download page now.
  7. On the Kodi website, select the Android app from the “Choose your weapon” area at the bottom of the page.
  8. Then, choose the ARMV7A (32-bit) install APK file.
  9. Lastly, click the Install button to get Kodi on Firestick 4K or Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube.

You now have the great Kodi Leia version installed on your Firestick 4K, Fire TV Cube, or other Fire OS devices. Just don’t forget to have your VPN running on your Fire Cube, Firestick 4K or Fire TV Stick for privacy.

How to Install Kodi on Windows PC

Installing Kodi on Windows is easy as on Amazon Firestick if you follow the prompts. Follow these simple installation guide steps.

  1. Go to and scroll down.
  2. Download the latest Kodi installer for Windows by clicking on the Windows icon at the bottom of the page.
  3. Choose the Kodi file based on your operating system. Click on either 64BIT or 32BIT or opt to get Kodi from the Windows Store.
  4. Hit Download to start the installer.
  5. Then, click on the Run button.
  6. Click Next when prompted.
  7. Once the download completes, click Finish to close the Installer.

You now have Kodi installed on your Windows computer.

How to Install Kodi on iOS

I’ll use the TweakBox mobile installer app for iOS to get Kodi on your Apple phone or tablet. This application is similar to FileLinked on a Firestick for third-party apps. You’ll gain access to many free apps not found in the Apple App Store once you get Tweakbox installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

  1. Open the Safari browser and visit on your Apple mobile device.
  2. Download the TweakBox app and allow a configuration profile to be shown.
  3. Then, Install the profile shown and select “Install” once more. You should now see the TweakBox app on your home screen.
  4. Open the TweakBox app and close any ads that pop up.
  5. Next, go to Apps, then select TweakBox App under Categories.
  6. Then, enter Kodi in the search bar and install it when prompted.
  7. Don’t open the Kodi app on your iPhone or iPad just yet. First, make sure to go to Settings > General > Profile and then enter Device Management.
  8. Under Enterprise App, click Trust.
  9. Click “Trust” once more. Now, Kodi should be found on your iOS device’s home screen.

Kodi is now installed and ready to use on your Apple mobile device. Remember, once you fire Kodi up, it’s not only the Firestick crowd that needs the support of a VPN. Turn on your Surfshark app for privacy and install some addons for movies, sports, and more.

You can opt to and grab a DEB file to install Kodi on an iOS 6.0 or later jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device. They have both 32bit ARM deb files for older iOS devices and ARM64 deb files for newer iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices available.

I find the TweakBox method provides extra benefits to make it worthwhile.

How to Install Kodi Leia on Macintosh OS X

Kodi runs natively on MacOS X. Apple TV remote, among others, can be used to navigate Kodi on Mac. Installing Kodi on Mac is a piece of cake. For help, follow the easy steps below.

  1. Go to and scroll down to click the apple icon in the Choose your weapon section.
  2. Click on Installer(64BIT) to download Kodi for MacOS.
  3. Some web browsers like Chrome and Chromium will ask users to confirm the installer download. Go ahead and confirm.
  4. Once the DMG file downloads, open it and drag the Kodi icon into the linked Apps folder.
  5. Then, open Kodi from the MacOSX Apps folder or drop it on the Dock for easy access.

That’s how to install Kodi on Mac OS X; simple.

Kodi Features

Kodi is an open-sourced audio-visual app used as a streaming platform. While some Kodi fans remember the development of XBMC (Xbox Media Center), it’s evolved immensely since the 2002 release.

Especially popular with Fire Cube, Firestick and Fire TV Stick owners, Kodi has a reputation for pirated content. However, many people use Kodi for legal purposes.

With Kodi software installed, it’s time to fire some Kodi addons onto that Firestick or Fire Cube. Builds help add many great stable Kodi Leia version addons at once.

Kodi allows your Firestick or other streaming media tool to access media files from local, network storage software, and the internet. Play movies, live sports, TV shows, podcasts, music, and other digital media files. Here’s a list of features you’ll find on Kodi.

  • Movies: Play your movie collection and find new content with ease. Kodi supports all the main video formats, including online video streams via Firestick.
  • TV Shows: Keep track of your watch history with tags on Kodi. TV show descriptions, posters, and season views are all facets of the TV show library.
  • Add-Ons: Choose from third-party and official Kodi add-ons and builds. Many are available for popular web services along with software that search online for great streaming content. User-created development add-ons are Kodi’s real power. Kodi on Firestick and Fire TV Stick provides seamless streaming.
  • Music: Control your music collection with smart playlists and tag reading. Kodi supports mp3, flac, wav, and WMA music formats. Fire up some tunes using new software.
  • Skins: Customize the look of your Firestick interface with free Kodi skins, found in many builds. Choose from an almost endless array found online from Kodi addon builds.
  • Photos: Import photos into the photo library. Using your remote, sort, filter, and even start a slideshow.
  • PVR: Watch and record live video with Kodi’s great interface. Kodi works with multiple top backends, including MythTV, NextPVR, MediaPortal, Tvheadend, and others.
  • Remote Controls: Control media in unique ways with hundreds of remotes on Kodi. Firestick, CEC-compatible TVs, smartphones, and tablets can be used to control Kodi.
  • Web Interfaces: Enhance Kodi builds and addons with third-party tools, web browsers, and remotes using the JSON-RPC stable interface.
  • VPN Notifications: Stay safe using this great open-source development software. Many Kodi third-party apps and builds will warn you when you need to connect to a stable, secure VPN server.


Now that you’ve installed Kodi on Firestick, Fire TV, Fire Cube, Windows, Mac, or iOS, install some of the best Kodi addons. Watch free new movies, news, live sports, TV shows, and more.

Download an install file and enjoy Kodi Firestick streaming with nearly any available online device free with Exodus or other working addons from our list. Organize every media file in your local media library and install a variety of Kodi add-ons, skins, builds, and wizards.

This guide shows Firestick movies streaming but isn’t only for Amazon Fire TV Stick owners with Kodi installed on your device. Builds with a few addons installed will help fire entertainment your way with or without a Firestick or Fire Cube.

If this Kodi Leia download and install guide was a help, please share our site with the following social buttons. Sharing helps get the word out, adding to the Firestick, Fire OS, and the streaming development community at large. Now fire Kodi up and…

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